We did the Première Manche - the first round - of A Travers riding across France from Dieppe to Marseille in the summer of 2009, and it was the original inspiration for this blog. The plan to put the 'band back together again' for another go in 2013 for the second installment fell on stoney ground, with life just getting in the way for too many of us, much to our disappointment. However, our enthusiasm for the bike remains undimmed, and so I'll keep posting my thoughts on the diverse and beautiful facets of the sport regardless. But there's bound to be another big 'adventure ride' coming soon - quite possibly in Italy - so potentially a name change too: Attraverso l'Italia in Bicicletta anyone?

Monday, 2 February 2009

Coming Together

Well, thanks to the snow, I've finally had a chance to spend some guilt-free time getting to grips with putting this blog together for our Coast-to-Coast ride in July, and get all the necessary bits and pieces linked together: Twitter updates, a Facebook group and all that. Next will be some kind of advertorial for the hotels we stay in, in return for some huge discount, natch.

Enough about business; here's some motivation: Pantani 'pips' Armstrong on the Ventoux in July 2000 at the Tour. And several of us doing the ride this July were there on that day, on the corner by Chalet Renard at the beginning of the clip, just as Pantani gets back on to the Armstrong group. Awesome.